At Living it up we have a large range of modern and contemporary salon furniture. We have a large colour selection for the salon furniture, the most popular seller being the red salon chairs. The bold red colour along with our uniquely designed salon chairs add a splash of colour to any salon, and provide a modern twist.

 Red Clarissa

Along with the red salon chairs we do provide complements in the matching shade. These complements include the Perla waiting bench, a new selection of comfortable cutting stools and a choice of back washes.


To make the process of placing an order with Living it up even easier we have all of our red salon chairs available to purchase in a complete salon package. The salon packages include 3 salon chairs and 1 wash unit and are very competitively priced.  All accessories added to an order for the salon packages do receive a heavy discount.


We have found the best seller to be to the Clarissa red salon chair as this is now reduced down to £139. The Clarissa styling chair is the only circular chair we retail, and this could be another reason for the chairs popularity.


We have also reduced the Kensington red salon chair to the price of £139 and have seen increased sales due to this. The Kensington barbers chair is a very versatile chair as it has the recline function; this makes the chair perfect for barbering, tattooing and also beauty treatments.