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Please click the links below to view articles and resources on Salon Furniture. We've also provided articles on how to look after your Salon Furniture.

Creating a comfortable environment using Salon Accessories
Your salon furniture and salon equipment speaks volumes about your business. When your clients arrive for their appointment, they want to feel cared for inside and out.

Maximising a small space with key pieces of salon furniture
Choosing the right salon furniture and equipment means you can transform even the smallest space into a workable and comfortable professional salon environment with everything you need close to hand.

Choosing the right salon furniture package
As a salon owner, you already know the importance of selecting the right furniture to enhance business. Existing and potential customers are always picking up on the unspoken visual statements your salon is making about style, professionalism and comfort.

Make your Customers Comfortable with Salon Furniture
If you think salon furniture is nothing but a practical solution to having somewhere for your customers to sit, then think again.

Top 10 essential pieces of salon furniture
Getting your salon furniture right is crucial. The specific items you choose will depend on your tastes and the kind of salon you’re running, but here are the top 10 essential pieces of salon furniture you are likely to need.

The Perks of Comfortable Salon Furniture
Sometimes, How comfortable is your salon furniture? It might sound obvious, but it is certainly an important question. The comfort level of the furniture in your salon can play a big part in the satisfaction of the clients who come to see you – and also your own satisfaction as someone who works in or owns a salon.

Creating a big professional impact through small salon accessories
Sometimes, it is the smaller things in life that make the biggest impact, which is why you should never neglect the details when you are designing your own salon.

How buying packages of salon equipment can save time and money
When you are furnishing your salon, you will naturally want to give it everything you’ve got, both in time and money. 

Complementing your salon furniture with stylish accessories
The salon furniture you choose will undoubtedly play a huge part in what your salon looks like, but sometimes it is the accessories that really help to set it off and create the perfect whole. 

Looking after your salon furniture
When you are running a hairdressing salon, you will naturally want to make sure your salon furniture lasts as long as possible.

A Guide to Salon Equipment
o you’re opening your own hair salon for the first time and you want to kit it out with high quality, exciting equipment that will create a great impression and help get customers through your doors.

The Importance of Quality Salon Equipment
No one wants to go to a salon that has tatty, rundown furniture and a general look of malaise about it. It can damage your reputation and ultimately your business.

Why Buying Salon Equipment and Furniture Should Be an Investment
When you open your first hairdressing salon, you will hopefully be working there for a very long time. We all hope that when we set up a business, it will prove to be very successful, and so doing whatever we can to make sure it succeeds is definitely very important.

What Salon Furniture Says About Your Salon
Going to the hairdressing salon should be an experience that your customers look forward to.

Essential Salon Equipment
If you are refitting your hairdressing salon or opening up a new salon, you will naturally need some top quality salon equipment to make sure you have that wow factor.

The Impact of Stylish Salon Furniture
Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a moment. Imagine you are standing at the door to your salon and that you are seeing the space for the first time. What do you think?