Living It Up Salon’s New Barber Chairs


barber chairs

Here at Living It Up Salon we are excited to unveil our new barber chairs for 2017.  By expanding our range of dynamic and cutting edge barber chairs, we’re adding new and innovative designs to inspire your barbershop look.

Our new designs for 2017 combine a classic barbers look with all the modern functions and build quality that you’d expect from Living It Up’s contemporary barber chairs.

The Nicholas Barber Chair is perfectly suited to the contemporary barbershop.  A clean and rounded shape, Nicholas features an adjustable headrest that slots neatly into the chair’s backrest.  The footrest will also readjust depending on the seat’s height which can be control with a simple hydraulic footpump.  Simplicity is found throughout this robust and sturdy design.  The base can swivel 360 degrees and the back reclines to ensure comfort for your clients and convenience for the barber.

barber chairs


The Bravo barber chair has also been added to our barbers range for 2017.  A contemporary piece, the Bravo has all the features to add sturdiness, comfort and style to your barbershop.  Its sturdiness is complemented by the stylishness of its large curved armrests and the many features of this chair make it an all-round top quality product.  With an adjustable footrest, 360 degree swivel base, height adjustment and a reclining back, the Bravo is everything could ever want from a modern barber chair.

Barber Chairs


Living It Up’s extensive range of barber and salon furniture gives you great choices and inspiration for revamping your salon business in 2017.  If you would still like to know more about our new barber chairs then visit our showroom for all the expert advice and hands-on experience that you’ll need.  Our showroom is easy to find and our staff are always happy to help to any enquires you might have about our salon units.

barber chairs