Living It Up’s Ornate Salon Mirrors

Ornate salon mirrors

Ornate salon mirrors are becoming more and more popular.  A growing trend in salon style, ornate salon mirrors are a great way to make the necessity of salon mirrors into a feature.  Every salon requires mirrors and your customers will spend more time looking at them than anything else so it is a good idea to inject some style and flare into their design.  Living It Up Salon is just the perfect place to find that style and flare.

ornate salon mirrors

Our Marcello mirrors are a wonderful example of ornate salon mirrors.  A striking rococo design, the single sided Marcello mirror that is sure to impress your clientele can be easily wall mounted and thus save on floor space.  The Marcello also comes in a double sided version which gives you the freedom to work around both sides of this freestanding mirror.  Whichever version you choose, the Marcello is a mirror that will leave an impression on your customers.

ornate salon mirrors

Our Victoria Single Sided Mirror Station is also in this ornate style.  Its large oval mirror and elegant console is a beautiful example of the type of mirrors that have become so popular.  Like the Marcello Single Sided Mirror, it can be easily wall mounted and includes an exquisitely detailed console table.

Another style of mirror that you may like are our French Style mirrors.  Made of wood and poly resin, our large French Style mirror is an impressive 180 x 100 cm and in a traditional style.  If the large mirror is too much for your salon then we also have a medium French Style mirror that comes in at 107.6 x 77.6 cm.

All of Living It Up Salon’s mirrors are a great way to inject some style in your salon and all of our products come with the impeccable build quality and customer service that our brand is known for.

ornate salon mirrors