Living It Up’s Hudson mirror station in the grey finish has a modern style that just oozes cool. There’s no frills here, just a simple base unit with clean lines and a soft finish, it’s a good looking, practical and stylish mirror station.HudsonWith the Hudson mirror you have the option of a single sided or double sided unit, depending on how you want to utilise your salon space. Both base units are constructed from wood which is then finished with lacquer to give a sleek, glossy finish. The single sided unit is designed to be pushed up against a wall to provide a standard salon station and the mirror is wall mounted so you have the freedom to position it as high up or close to the base unit as desired. The double sided unit is designed to be freestanding so that you can work on both sides of the unit at the same time and the mirror is fixed to the unit itself. These mirror stations are delivered flat packed but are quick and easy to construct due to their simple design.

Hudson2.jpgThe Hudson mirror’s appeal is that it can be paired with any of our styling chairs due to it’s understated design and the fact that it is available in the classic hues of chic black, clean white and cool grey. You will also find that there is ample space on the station for a few magazines, a nice cup of tea (for your client, of course!) and all of the tools you need whilst you’re at work.

You can find the Hudson mirror on display in our showroom if you’d like to pay us a visit and see for yourself just how fab this mirror station is.