Living It Up Salon Showroom


Living It Up’s new salon showroom is opening to exhibit the best quality and design in the world of salon furniture. Centrally located in Leicestershire, our salon showroom displays salon furniture in a wide array of styles and settings. With thirteen different themes showcasing a diverse range of styling chairs, barber chairs, washpoints, beauty couches, tattoo chairs and much more, if you are looking to start a salon or need fresh inspiration for your existing business, we’re sure to have something for you.


There are many benefits to seeing salon furniture in situ. Firstly, getting an impression of the true size and shape of the furniture will be tremendously helpful if you are just starting out. The style of your salon is very dependent on the furniture you buy and seeing products ‘in the flesh’ before you purchase them will give you a much better overall impression of the product than if you were ordering online or from a brochure.  Seeing our salon furniture in a number of different settings across our thirteen different rooms will also help you decide on a style for you salon and help provide inspiration for your brand.


If you are just starting out in the salon industry then you’ll naturally have many questions about salon furniture.  Our friendly staff have years of experience when it comes to salon furniture and will welcome whatever questions you may have about our furniture and what you’ll need when you are starting out.  With a plethora of advice and articles available across the Internet, it is easy to become overwhelmed by all the different and often contradictory information; a face to face chat with one of our staff is sure to help clear things up.