See what Nicky Clarke loved about Living It Up’s Salon Showroom

Nicky Clarke, a name synonymous with the highest quality and style in the salon industry, came to visit Living It Up Salon to give us his discerning take on our salon showroom.  With thirteen rooms showcasing the latest in styling chairs, mirror units and barber chairs, here’s what Nicky Clarke had to say about the showroom.

Nicky Clarke

Noticing Living It Up’s excellent build quality, Nicky said, “For me, it’s always about things that are going to last well.  I think that the client has to feel comfortable and I think you have to be aware of the fact that, going forward, they should look as good as possible for as long as possible.  I think that’s really key.”

And this build quality is seen through Living It Up Salon’s excellent salon range.  From our contemporary salon mirrors to cutting-edge barber chairs, the same high standards are seen throughout our products.


The changing nature of the salon industry was also discussed by Nicky. “When we started with my own salon in the very early ‘90s,” he said, “we deliberately tried to make it not look like a salon.  So I think that has kind of come very prevalent in terms of the styling.”

He went on to discuss how these industry changes are well reflected by Living It Up’s salon showroom, “You see very traditional dressing out tables and I think people quite like that ornate feel but, I think here you’ve got everything.  You’ve got things that are very modern and linear to the very flamboyant and sort of Venetian looking.”

Alongside Nicky’s hand-picked favourites, the Caprice Styling Chair and the Ophelia Styling Chair, a whole host of different salon and barber products that can be found in our Leicestershire based showroom.  If you’d like more details about arranging a visit then please see our showroom page.