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Living It Up's Barber Unit

Barber Unit When furnishing your barbershop, barber units add so much to the character and style of your salon.  The contemporary look of Living It Up's barber units are ideal for the modern barbershop.  With their clean lines and solid construction, both our Atlas and Hudson mirror stations are shining examples of modern barber furniture.  After 11 years of providing quality salon furniture, Living It Up is proud of the excellence of our products and our new barber units are no exception.  Barber Unit The Hudson mirror station comes in two different designs.  The double sided mirror station allows you work both sides of the station and features a freestanding mirror that does not need to be wall mounted.  This gives you a great amount of freedom as to where you can place the station and how you can work around it. Alternatively, if you have a smaller salon, the single sided mirror station may be preferable.  As these units can be wall-mounted, they will take up less space than the double sided barber units.  Whichever design you choose, both are available in either white or black. Barber Unit The Atlas barber unit comes as a single sided mirror station.  Its well-constructed console features two drawers for extra storage and a solid base.  The large rectangular mirror is securely fixed to the base and can be easily mounted to your salon wall.  The Atlas is not only a well constructed unit but also has a lot of style.  With a strong, distinctive shape and available in both black and white, the Atlas is a contemporary and masculine unit that will add a great deal to the style of your salon. A barber unit is an essential item for your barbershop and Living It Up's Atlas and Hudson barber units are sure to find a place in your contemporary salon. Barber Unit
June 1, 2016
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