Living It Up Salon Videos

Back in December we blogged about the filming of our salon videos, Living It Up Salon videos are now completed and are up ready to view on our website and youtube channel. The salon videos focus on our best-selling styling chairs and backwashes. We wanted to demonstrate the functionality and different perspectives of our salon furniture, with our model to illustrated these aspects. The styling chairs included in our new salon videos are the Clarissa, Chloe, Silvano, Pandora, Monica and Mona chairs. In these videos, our model indicates the hydraulic pump and swivel feature on the styling chairs. Our model also demonstrates the adjustable headrest and reclining back on the versatile Chloe styling chairs, as well as the footrests featured on the Mona and Silvano styling chairs. The Cubix, Pandora and backwashes are also featured in the salon videos. Our model displays the adjustable tilting sink, as well as the usage showerhead and mixer tap. Our salon videos allow you to see the chairs designs in different perspectives, as well as advising the alternatives colour vinyl finishes the chairs come in.
February 15, 2013
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