need a beautiful barber chair to help maximise your salon profits?

Salon that are solely for Barbers have been a popular fixture on our high street for decades, however with salon wishing to increase their income why not look at our modern slim line barber chairs.


Hair salons now face having to become more diverse in the treatments they offer, with customer saving money and not necessarily taking a trip to the hair dressers as often it is important that salon owners maximise profits by diversifying their salon. In recent years we have seen an increase in hair salons introducing beauty sections and nail bars to boost profits and attract a new clientele. However we have also found hair salon taking on barber chairs to attract men into the salon who may have had no need to come before. Because of this we have designed a range of barber chairs that are not ‘traditional’ looking but are more slim line and functional. As well as being perfect barbers chairs they are also ideal for threading eyebrows and applying facials. Our most popular barber chair is our classic Kensington chair; this comes in a black or red finish and features an adjustable and removable headrest, a removable footrest and a reclining back. This chair is not as large or heavy as traditional barber chairs and is perfect to fit into a hair salon. Another chair ideal for use as a barber chair is our Chloe barber chair, this is a beautiful and feminine chair that is available in cream. As it looks nothing like a barber chair but still boast the same functions it can be disguised in a traditional hair salon easily whilst still allowing you to offer extra services to your customer base. Why not take a look and open your salon up to more business without compromising the look or style of your shop.
July 10, 2012
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