New stylish range of threading chairs for your salon.

Living It Up has a specialist range of threading chairs that are not only practical but are also stylish. You do not have to compromise on the look of your salon by introducing threading chairs.

  Savvy salon owners are broadening the range of services they offer to their clients. Not only does this help maximise profits but also helps build a better relationship between the salon and its client base. Living It Up has seen a huge increase in interest for threading chairs as well as other beauty equipment in recent years. We have noticed that whilst there are many threading chairs available on the market many of them were bulky and hardly stylish or elegant enough to fit into a modern salon. We have worked with our manufacturers to create two threading chairs, one which is elegant and modern and another that is practical and more traditional looking. Our Chloe chair is finished in a beautiful cream vinyl (although we can order this chair in a range of colours). The design has a beautiful curved seat and deep padded foam across the back rest and seat to ensure maximum comfort to your clients. The chair has all the features needed for threading; an adjustable and removable headrest, hydraulic height adjustment and a reclining back. The second chair we stock that is suitable as a threading chair is our Kensington, currently available in red or black, however, can again be ordered in a range of colours also. This chair has all of the features of the Chloe chair with the addition of a removable footrest. Living It Up strive to supply our customers with high quality goods at competitive prices, we offer a yearlong warranty against any manufacturing faults as a way of offering piece of mind. We are also currently running an offer of free delivery on our website
August 16, 2012
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