Styling chairs designed to make you salon stand out.

Using modern designs in your décor and styling chairs is an ideal way to make your salon stand out from your competitors.

For many years when it came to opening a salon there was not necessarily a focus on the styling chairs or furniture. However, salons are now in constant competition not only to offer the best service but to create the best surroundings for your customer to relax in. Living It Up have always made the quality and comfort of our chairs our main priority, we want to provide styling chairs your customers are happy to sit in and that will last despite constant use. However in recent years we have also had to ensure the design of our styling chairs are eye-catching, classic, traditional and also modern. We have tried to provide a range of chairs that will not only appeal to a wide range of people but also are available in a selection of colours. So whether you’re looking for modern or tradition, subtle or loud you are sure to find a styling chair on our website that will complete your salon.
July 5, 2012
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