Widen your client base and maximise profits with a threading chair.

Salon owners are increasingly trying to find ways to diversify the services they can offer to customers. Not only can this help maximise profits but also expand your client base, why not invest in a threading chair to help your business grown.

At Living It Up we understand the importance of making sure the furniture you choose for your salon not only needs to be comfortable and durable but stylish as well. We have spent many years reworking and redesigning our salon furniture to ensure we can offer the best products at the most competitive price. When choosing a threading chair for your salon there are several things you need to consider, it is important to make sure the threading chair has all of the functions necessary to perform properly. Living It Up have decided to retail only a small range of threading chairs, however, we felt that between the options we have there will be a threading chair to suit every salon. The threading chair that we have retailed the longest and is our bestselling chair is our Kensington, initially designed as a barber’s chair it also can be used as a threading chair to. This chair is available in either a black or red vinyl finish, and also has an adjustable and removable headrest, removable footrest, reclining back, and a hydraulic foot pump. This threading chair is also designed to be lightweight and slim line so it does not take up more room than necessary in your salon. Our newest threading chair that we stock is our Chloe chair; this beautiful chair is designed to be more elegant and glamorous than our Kensington chair and is finished in a classic cream finish to give it a more feminine edge. However it can also be ordered in a range of colours if you require. This threading chair also has all of the features needed for your employees to carry out their work efficiently.
July 18, 2012
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